Off they go!

Of course I am sad to see these two precious young women go, but also excited for their new adventures.  Ally has headed back to Tech for her second year and Holly heads to the New York City area to begin her career in graphic design with Forbes- lucky them!  I will miss these "gathergals" and all the help they have been around Gather for the past few months. With their departure, Amy comes back on a more regular basis as we head into Fall and the Holidays and all the activity THAT brings.  We look forward to our first outdoor wedding this September and as I write, I am on the train to NYNOW, the home goods and gift show in NYC.  Excited to find some great new products for Gath.  I'll be meeting up with my daughter, Hillary, who will head back to RVA late September to lend her talents to Gather as well! There is a good feeling in the air at Gather and I'm eagerly looking forward to some exciting changes! 

Melissa CarrComment